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Buffalo Roze 100mg Assorted Gummies

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Buffalo Roze Assorted Gummies 100mg (10 Pieces, 10mg Per Piece)


Buffalo Roze Assorted Gummies 100mg (10 Pieces, 10mg Per Piece)


1 review for Buffalo Roze 100mg Assorted Gummies

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    Want to know what this product is made to help medically? Will it help with sleep or more the opposite? I have 2 100mg cans.(:

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      The good thing with edibles is being able to control the amount of THC with each dose. A few things to consider when using edibles as a sleep aid:

      1. Everyone’s body absorbs THC from edibles at a different rate and with differing effects. Some people begin to feel effects in less than an hour. For others, the effects may not be noticeable for 2 hours or more.
      2. Timing and dosage are important factors. If you take a larger dose earlier in the day (before your body is naturally in the “tired” state), you’ll likely only have the “high” feeling and your dosage will not help with evening sleep. However, a smaller dose in the evening (typically within an hour from going to bed), you’re body will be prepared for the relaxing properties of THC.

      I know this isn’t a cut and dry answer. Everyone responds to THC differently. Our best advice for finding the best sleep aid solution is to start with a small dose about an hour before bed. Please call or stop by to share with us your own experience.

      Here’s an article we’ve found insightful with some extra thoughts: https://www.healthline.com/health/medical-marijuana/cannabis-for-sleeping

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