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Without a doubt, the benefits of eating cannabis are similar to those that come from smoking it. However, eating cannabis has some other benefits as well. From tasty edibles to raw marijuana, eating cannabis is the healthiest way to go.

What are the Benefits of Eating Cannabis?

Longer Lasting Effects – When eating marijuana, the high does not come on as fast. Also, the effects last longer. Whereas you get an immediate effect from smoking, it may be an hour or more before you feel the effects from eating cannabis. Further, the high lasts a lot longer. In fact, this intense high lasts several hours longer.

High in Vitamins, Minerals and Fiber – Certainly, raw cannabis is a great source of vitamins. In fact, the leaves and buds are high in vitamin K, vitamin C, calcium, iron, and folate. In addition to vitamins and minerals, marijuana is very high in fiber. And so, if you need more fiber in your diet, raw cannabis is a good source.

Healthy Alternative to Smoking РOn one hand, eating marijuana is not at all harmful to your mouth, throat, and lungs. On the other hand, smoking it potentially is. Marijuana that is eaten produces a longer lasting high that is safer on your body.

High in Antioxidants – Raw or cooked, cannabis is full of antioxidants that our bodies need. That is important because they protect us against stress and free radical damage to our cells.

Avoid the Post High Crash – As much as the sudden onset of the high, the experience of the post high crash causes some people to reconsider use when smoking. For these consumers, eating marijuana is most often a better option. Certainly, most of us do not want to feel tired, anxious, or grumpy. Eating marijuana produces a slower acting effect. As a result, you are less likely to crash as you come down.

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