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Marijuana and Variety

Whether you are looking for sativa, indica or a strain that is a blend of both, variety is key when using marijuana as medicine. That’s why at Okie Medical, we carry a broad supply of the best strains in Northeastern Oklahoma. Marijuana and variety go hand in hand. Over time, using the same type of flower will reduce the effectiveness of the treatment. When we change strains we avoid this “plateau effect.” As a result, we are able to maximize medical benefit to the user.

Edibles – At first, the intense high that comes from edibles like gummies can be a bit shocking. But, most of our patrons enjoy the depth and breadth in addition to the duration of the high.

Diverse Buds – Beyond the benefits of regular use, changing types and strains adds infinite color to the palate of the average marijuana consumer.

With the changing landscape in medical marijuana, our team is proud to have partnered with licensed medical professionals. Experienced doctors are always ready to meet with you through the process of telemedicine. We want to help establish your right to use medical marijuana.

If you are looking to experience the benefits of cannabis, Contact Okie Medical now.

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